beacon management

Manage external beacons

Sometime you want to broadcast more than one type of message in multiple locations, simultaneously. By using our external beacons, we give our Pro and Premium users the ability to manage external beacons and assign content to them all within the same elistik app. Once you’ve unlocked your beacons, they will be shipped to you configured and ready to assign content. Simply place them where you would like to broadcast a message and start assigning content.

Update broadcasts from any location

One great thing about having external beacons is that you can update and modify your broadcasts in that location from within the app, and from any location. Even if you are at home and realize you want to update the satisfaction survey you have broadcasting at work, you just open the app and update the survey. Users within range of your beacon will immediately get the updated survey.

Use Case: Emergency notifications

Another great use case for this is emergency notifications. You can quickly swap out the broadcasts at your location for pertinent messages that need to reach all those within range of your external beacons. We see this as a great use case for college campuses, amusement parks, museums, malls, or another other location that might need to rapidly notify large audiences within their proximities. Learn about other use cases

How many beacons can I manage?

If you’re a Pro user you can manage one external beacon and Premium users can manage up to 15 external beacons. This covers some pretty large use cases, but inevitably there are users that have a use case for many more. No worries. Contact us today and we can give you a quote for bulk pricing and additional management features.

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