promotions & campaigns Get your latest promotions directly into the hands of customers as they come within range

Promotions to customers in range

advertising local promotions and campaigns have proven to be some of the best use cases for ibeacon technology. as your customer or patrons enter the proximity of your business, you can send them a coupon or generate a unique promo code with elistikpromo. already have a promotion running? elistik is the perfect tool to augment your existing efforts as well.

Unlock promoPro

By unlocking promoPro you unleash a suite of options that will enable you to be more effective in connecting with you customers. One of the best features in promoPro is the ability to generate Apple Wallet passes so that customers can save their promotions for immediate OR later use. You also will have the ability to search and reuse previous promotions. Being able to capture user data of a those who claim promotions will help you determine what promotions are the most effective. Additional, once promoPro is unlocked, you can target other broadcast types by users who have received a previous promotion. As with our other pro offerings, unlocking promoPro gives you one hardware beacon unlock as well. Check out our use case below.

Use Case: Targeted couponing to increase customer loyalty and utilization

A great way to implement elistikpromo is to target your promotional coupon by users who have taken action on a previous broadcast. Here’s an example:

This example not only gives the restaurant some great feedback on their customers experience, it also encourages a repeat visit in a fairly short period of time. Check out more use cases or contact us to learn how elistik can work at your business.

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