survey those around you Our survey tool gives you unlimited number of options and the ability to get the opinion of those nearby in seconds.

Instant Feedback

We all have questions, want opinions, and would like to know the thoughts of those nearby. whether you are asking which dress looks best, or polling an audience or class about the content of a presentation, elistik survey is the best way to gather feedback from those within proximity.

For Any Occasion

Your surveys may not be professional opinions, but as simple as trying to figure out how many burgers to make. Feedback should be fun!

Unlock surveyPro

By unlocking surveyPro you will have the ability to see previous surveys, review results, and also rebroadcast. You also will get the ability to manage an external hardware beacon. Additional, you can target other broadcast types to be presented based on users who respond to surveys. For example:

Use Case: Getting instant feedback from speaker attendees

  • Conference attendee signs into an event broadcast for a keynote session they are attending
  • As the speaker finishes, a satisfaction survey is launched to those in the room that is targeted only by attendees who have signed into the session
  • Responses are recorded in real time
  • A ‘thank you’ social broadcast is then generate to those who complete the survey - this could also be a great place to offer a promotion for users who provide feedback

This same type of workflow could be done to poll an audience in realtime or to quiz a class. Surveypro is the most powerful way to get instant feedback from those in proximity.

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