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What is an Event?

That might sound like such a basic question, but while elistik was started to try and improve the event and conference experience, we quickly started to realize that an 'event' is so much more than just a conference. The many features offered within elistik apply to any number of gatherings or groups that users may want to interact based on proximity.

It very likely could be a conference. It could be a concert. It could be a classroom. It could be a church group or a pitch-in. We think elistik affords its users some amazing technology that they could use in any number of ways. And the best part, all of these features are completely free within the Basic account. Our Pro and Premium options give business and companies the ability for more data gathering and reporting.

Event in a Box

If you are the host of large events, you may be looking for our enterprise solution which includes elistik Kiosk, all of our Pro features, and some additional iBeacons to manage the experience throughout your facility. We can bundle all of this into a single box and ship to you. Contact us for more information.

Conferences & Large Meetings

From the registration process, information overload exhibit halls, to basic attendee networking, the professional conference going experience can seem quite fragmented and cumbersome at times.

It's amazing that sometimes going to some of the highest-tech conferences you actually experience some of the lowest-tech processes. Paper based registrations, paper sign-in sheets, business cards flying everywhere, giant binders filled with giveaways and promotions. We know that there is time and a place for a lot of these types of materials, but many of them actually make the operations of the event more difficult.

With one application attendees can complete registration upon arrival, sign-in to each session they attend, be surveyed for feedback as they are listening to speakers, network and save connections and contacts, and receive promotions and campaigns from vendor halls. While we think this experience is incredibly simplistic for the attendee, the person that benefits the most are the event hosts.

  • With real-time data you can immediately see who has registered or checked-in to your event or event session. Poll your audience and get immediate feedback on what they are retaining.
  • Measure who attends what sessions and gain a deeper insight into the type of sessions that appeal to your attendees.
  • your vendors the ability to run campaigns, connect with attendees, post surveys and more.

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